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Judy Moncada and her designer sunglasses is one of the most formidable . The group got it's name from Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar or, . Sep 2, 2016 . The Netflix series Narcos is, much like Pablo Escobar, one step . Judy Moncada, who returns in Season 2 seeking revenge on Pablo for the . Aug 31, 2016 . Narcos' Thrilling Season 2 Brings Pablo Escobar's Reign of Terror to a . There's also rival cartel bigwig Judy Moncada (Cristina Umaña), . Sep 15, 2016 . Pablo Escobar was surrounded in the middle of f—in' nowhere. . . Judy Moncada (Cristina Umana) was a major player in the alliance of . Sep 7, 2016 . Judy is the recent widow of the slain Kiko Moncada (Christian Tappán), one of two men Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) killed at La Catedral in . Sep 13, 2016 . Netflix's continuation of Pablo Escobar's story was more . It's composed of the Cali Cartel, Judy Moncada's breakaway cartel, and Don Berna. Recent widow of the slain Kiko Moncada, Judy finds herself in the rare position . Desperate for revenge, her determination to make Escobar pay for past sins puts her . STEVE MURPHY PABLO ESCOBAR JAVIER PEÑA CONNIE MURPHY . Real People Narcos: Information on 10 family members & enemies of Pablo Escobar. Details on wife, mom, children,Cali Cartel, El Limon, Judy Moncada & . Sep 2, 2016 . "Putting an end to Pablo Escobar is a patriotic act," says one Castaño brother, prompting eye-rolls from Judy and Cali Cartel rep Pacho.