Jan 15, 2015 CUE card was:Describe an activity which you ocassionaly do and is bit expensive. Speech A news story that I saw recently was on Global warming. Apr 23, 2016 Reading Sample IELTS Cue Card Sample 117 - Describe an advertisement you like what type of advertisement it is; what product it advertises; where you first saw it If you can answer this cue card, you should also be able to answer the Describe a creative advertisement you have recently seen. ieltscuecard. Jul 21, 2012 where you saw or heard it; what kind of advertisement it was; what product or to talk about detail – the “what”,” when”, “where” type questions on the cue card. what the TV program was about. Talk about an event that you organized and prepared. com/ A website dedicated to IELTS Cue Card & Speaking sample answers. Details: Last Results 1 - 20 of 21 Advertisement you saw or read recently ielts cue card Sep 11, 2016 You can read the Sample Answer for this topic by checking the post: Dec 3, 2015 IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card Topics with Model answers: Describe a when you saw the TV program. June 30 ·. Questions: short-answer questions (no more than 1 word or a number). Describe an animal you saw, which you find very interesting. A famous person you would like to meet 20. May 19, 2016 To be well-prepared for IELTS exam, you can free download 47 New Topics for IELTS Cue Card Sample 40 – Topic: a difficult decision you made · IELTS . Describe a birthday celebration that you attended recently. I can still remember the moment when the doorbell woke me up and I saw the a real example of a time when you were in a rush recently, use that. It is a lovely commercial. READING COURSE (34). Careers · Advertising · Talent Solutions · Sales Solutions · Small Nov 23, 2015 Describe a news story you have read or heard about recently. IELTS Cue Card Question 86 With Model Answer: Sep 14, 2015 Advertisement is a article that gives sample questions and answers about advertisements. Please say. We provide See More · IELTS Cue Card: An interesting story you have read or heard Describe an activity you recently took part in. movie you saw, IELTS speaking test question with answer, Part 2 cue card was good practice listening and reading the subtitles – that was the main reason I Cue Card with Sample Answers PDF - Rs 110 - Click here to buy Tall building; Ad you saw or read recently; Website you visit often; A scenario when you used . It asks to describe the advertisement that you loved and why. You should . 4. 1. Reading test You recently bought an item in the supermarket but later found out that Cue Card. thanks a ton. Historical Place (Golden Temple) 19. A book you read recently (Pinjar) 18. the task card for speaking part 2 usually asks you to describe your feelings. Describe an advertisement you recently watched for the first time. Read the testimony here. . . Describe an interesting advertisement you watched on TV. A 6-7 Reading (57). Dominic Cole on Read think write your way to better essays Sep 24, 2010 Describe an interesting advertisement that you have seen. what you saw and did * Each section (Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading) has a complete collection of lessons to help you . http://www. Ads by Amazon Examiners don't like answers that candidates learn, word for word, from a Try to avoid letting the examiner know that you have read this website! Of course, it's also possible to describe the story of a film you saw on TV. Skip to content Reading Sample · Academic IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card. You should say: where you saw it what it was about why you think it was I didn't read this topic before, but my speech was almost the same, as Simon wrote ! can u post your all answers of speaking test,which are asked by above candidates? 6 days ago Remember to answer with a full sentence, and give a reason where relevant. Reply Part 2 speak about a advertisements you saw and heard recently? Jun 7, 2012 solved 20 cue cards. Recently, I watched a commercial of Mercedes and I just fell in love with it. Skip to content; Jump to Reading Sample · Academic Reading IELTS Cue Card Sample 198 - An interesting news story that you watched on TV. Jan 24, 2016 IELTS Mentor "IELTS Sample Answer & IELTS Preparation". I saw it on An Interesting news story that you read in paper very well done i got the idea from this Q-cards answers. This question (if it is really in the wording on the cue card), "What kind of song (or melody) was it? Look at this example cue card, and then look at the mind map that someone has done in order to Sample Answer using a Mind Map - A Lake You've Visited. A book you read recently (Wings of Fire) Feb 2, 2016 Cue Card Topic Question Describe a film that you recently watched in See similar question and answer about a 'foreign movie' you saw try reading reviews for some movies you have watched recently Advertisement. I want to get the answer of reading test please provide me. Aug 29, 2011 A sample IELTS part 2 speaking cue card about speaking about news - solved with a sample listening Describe some interesting news that you have recently read about or heard about My answer is in fact very coherent